We are sure you’ve forgotten all about the tear-stained cheeks and the bubbling anxiety beating against your chest as you walked through the gate of your first kindergarten school, but if you have a kid gearing up to start school anytime soon, expect to encounter some similar feelings on the way.

Overcoming separation anxiety could be one of the hardest dilemmas parents face. It can be an overwhelming time for both you and your little one, especially since your toddler is not expecting such a drastic change in their daily routine. From spending days nestled in the warmth of their mothers to experiencing life in a whole new environment, the first days are always tough, no doubt. However, there are a few tips and tricks revealed by child specialists that can help you ease down separation anxiety during the early days of schooling.

    • Trustworthy infant daycares in Katy, TX revealed how getting your infant accustomed to a new environment can help them ease the anxiety under controlled situations. Before taking the direct plunge to kindergarten, child behavioral specialists recommend allowing them to spend some quality time with other infants in playpens or trusted daycares. For the initial days, one of the parents can hang around the daycare center to make sure their children are not getting too worked up about the new arrangements.
    • Another fool-proof method says toddlers in daycares before their kindergarten slowly and steadily develop a sense of independence through the various engagement activities and programs hosted by top-notch daycare centers. From drawing to dancing, learning the alphabet, and more can not only be a fun activity for the growing child but can also get him or her accustomed to the kindergarten environment from before.
    • Allowing toddlers to carry a toy with them is yet another great trick to keeping children comfortable in daycares or schools. The toy usually gives them a sense of closeness and comfort. However, make sure the toy is not their favorite one since it may or may not come back home in one piece.
    • Lastly, if your child is already undergoing separation stress from kindergarten, you can try rolling them in their an after school childcare in Cypress, TX, preferably one that’s in the neighborhood so that they can cope up with the separation issues in a better way!


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